Opposite Lock

Opposite Lock 50108

High-speed racing action with attitude


  • 10 courses
  • Eight drivers
  • Unlockable bonuses
  • Lots of race options


  • Some key sound effects missing
  • Animation is a little jerky

Very good

As a kid I used to love playing circuit racing games like Outrun, and many was the time I was late home for dinner as I burned rubber in the local arcade.

Opposite Lock immediately threw me back to those days of blue skies, blocky graphics and scrolling backgrounds. In a good way, I'm pleased to say. The game sees you pick one of eight characters and cars and embark on a series of ten races in different countries. The full spectrum of terrains is covered, from the smooth track of the Nurberg to the snow of Canada and deserts of Arizona.

Although the graphics are pretty retro they are not awful and you can make out what everything is pretty clearly. It's only when you get up close to another car that they become really blocky. The soundtrack is lively and upbeat, though I'd like to have heard more in the way of FX (there's not even a sound effect for acceleration).

The controls are pretty simple too, and the game is operated using your phone's directional buttons. Like most racing games it takes a while to master the art of staying on the track, but within a couple of races you should be able to keep up with the leading pack.

It's rare to see a free mobile racing game with as much depth as Opposite Lock, and it's probably got as much in it as Outrun did on the Megadrive. There are three different game modes (Practice, Tournament and Time Trial), plus a multiplayer option. You also get a whole raft of settings for determining difficulty levels, sound setup, graphics and more.

If you're looking for an in-depth racing game with a retro arcade feel, Opposite Lock delivers everything you could wish for - for free!

Opposite Lock delivers high-speed racing action with attitude! Take your pick from 10 maxed-out street legal racers and prove your mettle on 10 international tracks. The game has three modes of play, practice, tournament or time trial, with up to 8-way multiplayer on supporting handsets.

There are three modes of play:practise (race on any of the unlocked tracks), tournament (race three tracks back-to-back, gaining points for finishing in the top five) and time trial (record yourslef racing then try to beat it). New features can be unlocked by collecting nine rabbits (yes,rabbits!) in the tournament mode, finishing overall first in each group of races. The difficulty setting (found in the option menu) determines the bonus.

Opposite Lock


Opposite Lock 50108

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